About Packrafts

Packrafts are robust, lightweight inflatable boats designed for a variety of environments ranging from fjords to whitewater. When deflated they roll into a compact package that is easily carried in a backpack along with other camping kit or stowed in a small locker.

Our packrafts can be inflated at the water edge in around 3 minutes using the unique inflation bag (included).

They open up new opportunities to explore the coast, lakes and canyons. Blue arteries on a map are now opportunities for exploration instead of obstacle to your adventure. 


Packraft History

Modern packrafting originated in Alaska where trail blazers like Thor and Sheri Tingey from Alpacka Packrafts, Roman Dial and Luc Mehl pioneered the use and design of robust rafts intended for whitewater and other harsh conditions. Kokopelli, Aire and Micro Rafting Systems (MRS) are just a few of the companies that have since started to sell packrafts and evolve packraft design.

Longshore International is based in the UK and our simple aim is to provide high quality packrafts and associated equipment at an affordable price. 

To find out more about the different types of packrafts we sell and their uses click here.


Packrafting FAQs

Q: How Tough are packrafts?

A: Our packrafts have an extremely durable 840D double coated nylon floor and either single or double urethane coated 210D nylon tubes which makes them extremely tough. Packrafts are not inflated to high pressure and so tend to bounce off rocks. The best analogy is a mountain bike tyre - they're rugged and designed to take abuse but dependent on how you use it, like anything inflatable, a puncture is possible. If necessary, our rafts can be quickly and easily patched at the water's edge or you can undertake a more thorough repair at home. Packrafts have been mauled by bears and put back in action.

Q: Why should I buy a Longshore Packraft?

A: Our factory uses the latest CNC , heat welding and high frequency welding equipment and it has an extensive history of manufacturing inflatable boats and RIBs. All our packrafts undergo strict quality assurance checks in the UK. We offer a year's warranty, clear pricing and easy returns to our UK office. We offer a 14 day change your mind window so if you are  in any way unhappy with your packraft or want to exchange it for a different model just send it back and we will refund or replace it. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Q: Why not buy an inflatable kayak instead?

A: Inflatable canoes or kayaks are in an entirely different market. They are 2-3 times the weight and size of a packraft when deflated and due to this weight and bulk they can only be carried very short distances, such as from a car to the waters edge. They're usually made from cheaper, heavier materials that take a long time to dry after use and require a separate, bulky pump to inflate. 

Q: Why should I buy a packraft?

A: Packrafts are easy to carry, inflate and use and have a uniquely stable design that, unlike a surf board or canoe, allows even a novice to get out onto the water easily. We would of course advise you to undergo training before tackling more challenging environments like whitewater.

Q: WHAT do the Longshore Model nAMES Mean?

A: Our model names are as simple and descriptive as possible. They represent the packraft's key feature and its length - A WW250, for example,  is designed for whitewater and is 250 cm long. This helps you choose the best packraft for your intended use. 

Q: which packraft is best for me and what are the different features?

A: A variety of Longshore packrafts are available. Click on this link to find out more.