Dyneema® Reflective Perimeter Line

Dyneema® Reflective Perimeter Line


This lightweight but incredibly strong Dyneema® cord is perfect for adding perimeter lines/grab handles to the front and rear of your packraft.* It is hydrophobic and does not absorb water.

The lines give you something to hold onto if you end up swimming alongside your packraft (no one likes to see their packraft floating away). They also make it easier to manoeuvre your packraft on dry land and correctly fitted, they can spread the load of a tether or tail line between multiple tie-downs.

Webbing or rope alternatives can retain water, take a long time to dry and add unnecessary weight to your packraft.

Our Dyneema® cord has the additional benefit of being reflective, which will help to prevent you tripping over your packraft in the night.

We currently sell it in four meter lengths, which is plenty to rig the bow and stern lines.


Breaking Load: 140 kg

Colour: Anthracite with reflective thread

Diameter: 2 mm

Weight: 2.7 g / m

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Any lines attached to your packraft have the potential to become an entrapment hazard. An entrapment hazard is the risk of you becoming entangled in a part of your packraft at an inopportune moment. You add these lines at your own risk. The risk of entrapment should be weighed against the the need to retain a good hold of your packraft, particularly if swimming alongside it.

This risk can be reduced by:

  • Ensuring lines are taut and tight to the packraft, without unnecessary slack.

  • Only adding lines to the bow and stern. Never add side lines as this is where you will pull yourself back into the packraft should you end up swimming and a PFD or other item could become snagged them.

There are multiple way of tying the lines to the tie downs. You can tie a bowline knot to each tie down keeping the line taut or alternatively run a continuous line through each tie down only tying it off at the end, so that a single cut anywhere along its length will ensure the entire line unravels.