LONGSHORE CR250 - Cross Packraft

LONGSHORE CR250 - Cross Packraft


**** New For Autumn 2019 ****


A versatile and lightweight packraft perfect for hiking, bike rafting or moderate whitewater.


This performance packraft has a gently upturned high volume bow, which enables you to punch over holes and ride waves. Uniquely the bow also has a TIZIP which allows you to stash kit such as rucksack inside counterbalancing the weight of paddler at the stern. A hydrodynamic teardrop stern reduces the chances of bandersnatching.

The CR250 was designed and specced for UK waters. We believe that packrafting in the UK is still heavily influenced by America and Nordic countries to the extent that many packrafts are fully specced for whitewater, when in reality they will be rarely used above Class II. Based on the clean lines principle this packraft has no thigh straps or deck, which add unnecessary weight and in extreme circumstance could increase the risk of entrapment. Instead we’ve made it a comfortable but snug fit allowing the paddler to brace against the side and manoeuvre the packraft easily. As a result this is lighter to carry and easier to jump in and out off.

The CR250 is perfect for a variety of situations be it messing about in creeks, spinning in and out of eddies or carrying on long hikes.

It has a large block seat and adjustable kayak style backband that provides a comfortable seating postion. A Boston one-way valve allows rapid inflation and top on the move. Like all our packrafts it can be inflated in around 3 minutes using the Inflation Bag. Multiple webbing tie down points at the stern and bow allow for gear (or a bike) to be strapped to the packraft.

The TIZIP in the closed position is inside the packraft to prevent it being opened accidentally. Tubes are constructed of single coated 210D TPU and the floor is constructed from a highly puncture-resistant 840D TPU. All seams are stitched and then heat welded with tape making them extremely robust. 

Unsure what this means or why it matters - visit our Packraft Features page for an explanation or contact us

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Combination Grey and Red.


External Length - 250cm    Internal Length - 123cm

Exterior Width - 90cm (widest point near stern), 70cm (narrowest point near bow)        

Internal Width - 34cm (widest point near stern), 23cm (narrowest point near bow)

Side Tube Diameter - 28cm


3.93kg - Packraft with seat and kayak style backband (some other brands of packrafts give weights without seats etc.)

0.02Kg - Pack strap

0.10Kg - Inflation bag


Tubes - 210D nylon with a single urethane coating. All joints stitched, taped and heat welded.

Floor - 840D nylon with a double urethane coating. Glued, taped and heat welded to the tubes.

Seats - 420D nylon with a single urethane coating.


  • Packraft

  • Inflatable U-seat

  • Kayak style backband

  • Pack strap

  • Inflation bag

  • Spare Boston valve

  • Spare seat valve

  • Repair patches

  • Carry bag with rucksack straps

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