LONGSHORE WW250 - Whitewater Spray Deck Packraft

LONGSHORE WW250 - Whitewater Spray Deck Packraft



Whitewater packraft with spray deck and spray skirt. 


The WW250 is designed for whitewater. Its substantial rocker with an uplifted bow and stern allows it to better ride waves. A shorter length allows greater manoeuvrability and and a hull shape that narrows towards the bow allows it to punch through waves.  

This packraft is easily carried in a backpack along with other camping kit for use during multi-day trips. It can be inflated in around 3 minutes using the included Inflation Bag.

The WW250 has an inflatable U seat and kayak style adjustable back band. A Boston one-way valve allows rapid inflation and top up on the move. Multiple webbing tie down points at the stern and bow allows gear to be strapped to the packraft.

The floor is constructed from a highly puncture-resistant 840D urethane double-coated nylon and the tubes from a 210D urethane double-coated nylon. The robust seams are stitched and then heat welded with tape.  

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External Length - 249cm    Internal Length - 119cm

Exterior Width - 96-85cm   Internal Width - 35-30cm

Side Tube Diameter - 28cm


3.51kg - Packraft with coaming but without other attachments

0.17Kg - Kayak style EVA backband

0.14Kg - Inflatable U Seat

0.36Kg - Removable Spray Deck

0.02Kg - Pack strap

0.10Kg - Inflation bag


Tubes - 210D nylon with a double urethane coating (unless otherwise stated). All joints stitched and taped.

Floor - 840D nylon with a double urethane coating. Glued and taped to the tubes.

Seats - 420D nylon with a single urethane coating.


  • Packraft

  • Kayak style backband

  • Inflatable U seat

  • Thigh straps

  • Whitewater spray deck

  • Whitewater spray skirt (detachable)

  • Pack strap

  • Inflation bag

  • Spare Boston valve

  • Spare seat valve

  • Repair patches

  • Carry bag with rucksack straps

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